The Extender is a Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) bus distribution component that is used to refresh a segment’s capacity or to create a new bus segment in the middle of an existing bus segment. The Extender’s additional isolated bus segment supports 255 devices and 4000 ft. of bus wiring per segment, and supplies 100 power units. Additional isolated bus segments enable bus line extension for hard-to-reach places over an extended distance

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Input: 24V DC 1.25A (Included Power Supply)
Output: 100 SDN Bus Power Units
Material: ABS plastic
Dimensions: 4” L x 2.13” W x 0.90” H
Maximum Wiring Distance: 4000 ft. new bus segment length
Operating Temperature Range: Ambient temperature
Shipping Weight: 1 lb.
Indoor rated

Create one isolated SDN bus segment
Bus output to continue original bus segment
Provides 100 power units to the new bus segment
Includes bus segment status LEDs for; • Power • Communication • End of line notification
Protects system components from miswire
Automatic segment termination