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Motorized Window Covering Control Options

Many control options are available with AC, DC, and wireless operated motor systems. If basic control is desired where the motorized window coverings are within the line of sight and will be operated individually, then Infrared (IR) performs well. However, for more advanced control where the window coverings are in multiple rooms or will be controlled individually or in groups, then Radio Frequency (RF) is a better choice. Radio Frequency (RF) does not require the window covering to be in the direct line of sight of the controller to raise, lower or tilt shades or blinds. Whatever the application, Somfy controls offer both flexibility and reliability in operating motorized window coverings.

If you have several motorized blinds or shades and you'd like the option of operating them individually as well as in groups, then Somfy Individual Group Control (IGC) is for you. It's easy and convenient to operate virtually any number of window treatments. Each individual IGC switch lets you control the movement of a single window treatment, while a master switch gives you control over a room, floor or entire household of motorized window treatments. It eliminates the laborious and time consuming task of manually operating every shade both morning and night. That's the ultimate in convenience.

Control Scenerios For Motorized Window Treatments