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About Our Site

Our Company

Thank you for inquiring about our company, BlindShadeMotors.com is owned and operated by Window Products. We are located in Holland Michigan along the beautiful coast of Lake Michigan. Window Products is part of a family corporation which has been in business since 1970. That’s over 35 years experience as well as 3 generations working today in selling, manufacturing, motorizing window coverings.

Our Holland facility houses both our warehouse and our shade manufacturing facility. Our shade capacity in production is over 100 shades per day.


Back in 1954 when Jacobus “Jack” VanderNat immigrated from the Netherlands, he came with one dream. It was the American dream to own and operate his own company. After World War II had taken pretty much everything they had, coming to the United States was an exciting adventure. Jack instilled upon his family the importance of building a quality window covering at fair prices. This philosophy still exists today, in both our distribution of motors and components, as well as production of all our solar screen shades.


BlindShadeMotors.com is a forward thinking company.

No job is too big or too small.

"Can’t" is not a word that is allowed to be used here.

Everything is possible. Sometimes it just has not been figured out how to do it yet.


Here at BlindShadeMotors.com we are very involved in the local community, from supporting the local public and Christian schools to coaching middle and high school sports. Some of our employees are local firefighters and we have two Sheriffs deputies working here as well. We are a community company which puts family first. We have a saying which says “Orders start with customers and end with friends.”

Thank you for taking the time to visit our company.

Randy Meppelink
President, Window Products Inc.