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Sunis Indoor Sun Sensor RTS Wirefree

Indoor sun sensor RTS Wirefree

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The latest addition to the Radio Technology Somfy® accessory range uses the intensity of the sun to provide automatic control of window coverings in the home.
With the Sunis Indoor WireFree™ RTS sun sensor, users experience:
Thermal Comfort: optimizes room temperature levels
Protection of Interior Décor: preserves the life of valuable furnishings by reducing damage caused by UV rays
Energy Savings: protects against heat gain and heat loss
Increased Security: creates a “lived-in look” Sunis Indoor WireFree™ RTS sensors can be installed and programmed in a few seconds. They can easily be added to any new or existing RTS installation. The sensors are compatible with all interior RTS motorized window coverings.

  • Application
    radio control, roller shades