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Data Panel

The Data Panel is a bus distribution component used to start or grow a Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) system. This device adds 4 isolated bus segments to an SDN system. Each isolated bus segment output supports 255 devices, 4000 ft. of bus wiring per segment and supplies 100 power units. The in-wall or on-wall mountable enclosure offers separated line and low voltage areas for ease of installation. A built-in SDN DecoFlex Keypad provides a dedicated local control point for motors on the 4 bus segments and the included din rail is a convenient way to mount an animeo® IP Building Controller or Sub Controller for animeo IP systems.

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Adds 4 isolated bus segments to a SDN system  
Includes bus segment status LEDs  
Protects system components from miswiring  
Automatic Riser termination  
Can mount on-wall or in-wall (between studs)  
Din rail mount for animeo® IP Building Controllers
Front cover includes a keyed lock  
Separated line and low voltage areas  
SDN Decoflex Digital Keypad for convenient local control
Input: 120V AC, 3.35A   Output: 100 SDN Bus Power units per segment  
Material: Steel  
Dimensions: 18.9” L 14.4” W x 3.5” H (Inner)  
Dimensions: 21.3” L 16.4” W x 3.8” H (Inner with door)  
Maximum Wiring Distance: Each segment supports 4000 ft. total bus length for all connected devices  
Operating Temperature Range: Ambient temperature  
Shipping Weight: 18 lbs.  
Indoor rated   UL Pending