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SDN Low-Voltage Motor Power And Data Cable

The SDN Low-voltage Motor Power and Data Cable is the power and communication backbone that connects low-voltage Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) RS485 motors including the Sonesse® ULTRA 50 DC RS485 motor and Sonesse® 30 RS485 Motor to Somfy’s Power Panel for SDN. Within a single jacket, this cable includes (1) 14 AWG power pair, (1) 22 AWG stranded, twisted and shielded data triad and (1) 24 AWG drain wire for the most reliable data communication on the market. With this cable, motor wiring runs can reach up to 240 ft. This cable is offered in plenum rated and non-plenum rated versions.

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Accommodate longer wiring distances with installation lengths up to 240 ft.
Installation flexibility with in plenum and non-plenum rated options
Minimize ground noise produced by motors, switches or other electrical equipment
Prevent signal corruption, damage to components connected to the bus, ground loops
Protect against electrical line surges
Compliant with the EIS/TIA-485 Standard
UL certified
The only cable that meets the SDN 2.0 quality promise