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Ondeis RTS Rain And Sun Sensor

The Ondeis™ WireFree RTS is a solar powered combination rain and sun sensor compatible with Radio Technology Somfy® motorized exterior products, including awnings, rolling shutters and screens. The Sensor monitors rain and sun levels and automatically activates RTS motorized products once user selected thresholds are passed

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Combination rain and sun sensor Control one channel of Radio Technology Somfy® motorized products Solar powered rechargeable battery Adjustable rain and sun thresholds Wireless installation with flexible mounting options Six available modes of operation: Awning Rain (default) Awning Sun (requires Telis Soliris Transmitter) Awning Rain & Sun (requires Telis Soliris Transmitter) Shutter/Screen Rain Shutter/Screen Rain & Sun Shutter/Screen Rain & Auto Up Demo mode for testing configurations 2 easy-to-read LED indicator lights
Power: Solar powered
Material: ABS
Dimensions: 4.53”L (115mm) x 2.60”W (66mm) x 1.97”D (50mm)
Maximum Range: 65ft under optimal conditions
Rain sensitivity: The lowest setting (fully counter clockwise [CCW]) will react to very light rain 2-4 drops 1-2mm within 1 2 seconds or condensation or fog heavy enough to cause a drop to run down sensor. The highest setting (fully clockwise [CW]) will react only to very heavy rain 1-2” per hour
Sun Sensitivity Sun level threshold adjustable from 0.5 (CCW) to 50 klux (CW)
Operating Temperature Range: Storage: -4F to 140 F (-20oC to +60oC) Operational: 32F to 140 F (0oC to +60oC)
Frequency: 433.42Mhz
Shipping Weight: 1lb
IP Rating: IP55 Approvals: FCC