Home Automation

Smart homes which have long been portrayed as a popular concept are fast becoming a reality. Today as a result of technological and product developments, integrated lighting, home entertainment, security, heating and cooling systems and motorized blinds and motorized shades can all be controlled through one network.

Home Automation

Recent surveys have identified home theaters as the fastest growing product segment in the home automation arena. The increased requirement for artificial light and sunlight control has a growing number of consumers asking for motorized blinds and shades. More than ever, motorized window coverings and controls can work seamlessly with other products to give you convenient push button or even automatic control over your total home environment.

 Brochure (PDF): Automated Window Coverings

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1810496 Animeo RS232 To RS485 Converter
  • $346.97
1822440 Bus Power Supply
  • $130.12
1870260 Data Panel
  • $1600.00
1811491 Dimmable LED RTS Light Kit (Warm White)
  • $408.81
1870261 Extender
  • $350.00
9019617 Ondeis RTS Rain And Sun Sensor
  • $257.72
9012519 Operating Software + USB Convertor Animeo
  • $249.63
1870259 Power Panel For SDN
  • $1525.00
1870249 Somfy Connect BMS Interface
  • $2225.32
1811403 Somfy myLink RTS Smartphone And Tablet Interface 1811403
  • $145.00